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About us

Impreza Fashion-Studio as an elegant platform of transformation was created in 2015. The brand’s founder as well as ideological inspirer is an owner of a refined taste Oksana Pokotylo. She is the one, who generates ideas and promotes the philosophy of the company. ‘Beautiful clothes are like a letter of introduction’ – an Italian proverb says. Impreza Fashion-Studio is an area where your individuality is reflected through our clothes. Now you really can have clothes you have always dreamt about. A professional team of Impreza Fashion-Studio will design a model according to your taste, character and peculiarities of your figure – specially for you! 

Clothes are a reflection of a person, a peculiar form of art. Impreza Fashion-Studio takes the liberty of making the boldest of your fantasies come true.

  • Exclusivity of ideas
  • Individual approach
  • Flawless quality
  • Gorgeous fabrics
  • Original textures
  • Exceptional designer’s decisions

These are things which make Impreza Fashion-Studio be on a level of distinguished Fashion Houses. Therefore if you want to change the world, start with your clothes.


  • Bespoke tailoring of any complexity
  • Sewing of exclusive wedding and evening dresses
  • Creation of stage and carnival costumes
  • Decoration of any complexity (rhinestones, beads, fur, feathers, etc.)
  • Participation in the development of designer products
  • Play clothes for photo
  • Professional development sketches and curves
  • Convenient location: 5 min. by M. Lukianivska


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